Welcome to H Bar K Tack. We are a custom saddle and horse tack maker in Wellandport Ontario. We specialize in creating everyithing from saddles to whips to breastplates. Our list  below shows exactly what we all do. We also do saddle and tack repair. In addition, we also have a Western trick rope and horse act. See our list of places the show has been as well as a gallery of the live show.

Custom Saddles • Saddle Repair • Whips

Stirrups • Bridles • Halters • Reins • Harnesses

Breast Collars • Martingales • Nose Bands

For over 30 years we have provided Western

Entertainment featuring our Trick Rope

Comedy Trick Horse and Whip Act


We have appeared at: The Calgary Stampede, Twizzler Licorice Commercial, Toured with Holiday Circus of Magic, 7 Seasons at Frontiertown N.Y., Ontario Assoc. Rodeos, Dodge Rodeos, Road to Avonlea T.V. Show, Memphis and Atlanta Film Festivals and many more.

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63012 Perry Rd. RR1 Wellandport ON. L0R 2J0

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